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Joanne Mosier

About Us

Our Experienced Teaching Staff 


Joanne Mosier


Lead Tutor 

I began Excelerated Test Prep & Tutoring  because I saw a need with my own children & within the schools to teach children exactly how to succeed at the ACT test and any other subject. 
I began my teaching career in elementary special education and taught for several years. I always did private tutoring and enjoyed the connection I was able to make with students. I also have experience in writing and developing curriculum, and continue to attend continuing education classes and research new learning techniques.
I substituted in the Lakeville High Schools for 15 years, so I have a broad knowledge of high school curriculum.
​I have had students text me from college to tell me that they are still using the strategies they learned. As I used to tell my own children, "You can't sit in a room for two hours and not learn ANYTHING"!
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