Joanne Mosier

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Joanne Mosier


Lead Tutor 

I began Excelerated Test Prep & Tutoring  because I saw a need with my own children & within the schools to teach children exactly how to succeed at the ACT test and any other subject. 
I began my teaching career in elementary special education and taught for several years. I always did private tutoring and enjoyed the connection I was able to make with students. I also have experience in writing and developing curriculum, and continue to attend continuing education classes and research new learning techniques.
I substituted in the Lakeville High Schools for 15 years, so I have a broad knowledge of high school curriculum.
​I have had students text me from college to tell me that they are still using the strategies they learned. As I used to tell my own children, "You can't sit in a room for two hours and not learn ANYTHING"!
Additional Staff

Jill Mitzo

Jill taught middle school for fourteen years:  English, Social Studies, and ran an alternative program focusing on how to help students succeed. Using research backed strategies (such “All Kinds of Minds” brain research, AVID strategies-time proven strategies that focus on retention of learning- and literacy work), a smile, and accountability, she knows all students can, and want, to learn. 


In 2014, she was a semi-finalist for Minnesota Teacher of the Year.  She is excited to be a part of Excelerated Test Prep and Tutoring.


 Lauren Fox 

Lauren has a  Bachelors of English from Rollins College in Winter Park, Florida, a Masters of English from Southern Connecticut State University and a Reading Licensure from Hamline University. She began her teaching career in a private school in Connecticut, teaching high school English. She was an adjunct English faculty member at a community college for four years.


For the last 13 years, she has been teaching English and Reading for Lakeville Schools, preparing students for the ACT both in class and in private tutoring. She loves project-based learning and innovation. Above all, she believes that all great stories, opportunities and relationships begin first with the heart, then with the mind.