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Private (Individual) Tutoring


We have noticed that, since Covid, many students are struggling with Math and English skills. We provide individual or small group tutoring designed to help students learn the skills they may have missed during that time and provide assistance for moving forward. 


Individual tutoring can be arranged for a variety of subjects and tests.  We have extensive experience with Reading, English 
and Writing skills, Math (up to, but not including pre-calc).  Tutoring includes organization skills and studying and test taking skills for all ages.


Private tutoring can be scheduled on a regular weekly or monthly continuing basis, or as needed. Some students like to have extra instruction and guided practice before a test or upcoming quiz, whereas others need close monitoring and help weekly to be successful. We often find that private tutoring helps provide great benefits and boosts confidence and self-esteem that helps students to achieve their full potential.

*Note: We often work closely with classroom teachers to ensure consistency in and out of the classroom.
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