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ACT Test Prep Courses

ACT Test Prep Courses can be taught in two different formats;

  • Private (Individual) Tutoring -- Private ACT tutoring can be arranged for an hourly rate. The number of sessions is determined or based by the knowledge of the student, previous test score, and motivation of student's learning. Please contact Joanne for more information. 

  • Group Tutoring - Sessions are held with a minimum of four students and maximum of six students. The cost is $575. There are five sessions; each session is two hours in length. Please see the FAQ for additional information.

The Five Sessions 

There are five sessions in the ACT Test Prep Group Course. We begin these five segments with an emphasis on test-taking strategies specific to the college entrance exams, as well as essential learnings for the english subtest.  

The next two sessions are spent on essential learnings and strategies in math, and the final two sessions concentrate on essential learning strategies in reading and science.

  • Session 1. Essential Skills and English Strategies​

  • Session 2 and 3. Essential Math Skills and Strategies

  • Session 4. Reading Strategies

  • Session 5. Science Strategies  

Examples and practice work are given throughout all sessions, and students are assigned specific practice work to complete outside of class. While we strongly encourage students to schedule a minimum of 30 minutes per day for practice test-taking, we understand other commitments may arise. Practice is necessary.

ACT Strategies 

This two-hour class is designed specifically for the student who is going to be taking the ACT for the first time, but doesn’t want to go in completely “cold”. It is also very helpful if there has been a time lag between tests, and a student needs to brush up on strategies. Because the ACT is different from other tests they have taken, it is very helpful to understand the strategies that will help with finding the right answer, not spending too much time on any one question, and managing their time. Time is one of the main things most students struggle with, and there are many things we can teach them about saving time. 


  • This class is scheduled as needed and can be done privately as well as in a small group. Cost is determined by the number of students in a group. 

  • Privately, the cost is $95 per student

Often, parents or students put together their own small group and then the time can be arranged as to what is convenient for all.

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