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ACT Test Prep Class Schedule

Two sessions are typically offered to choose from for group tutoring unless noted. They are typically offered on Sunday afternoons. Choose from one of the following;

  • Session A (1-3 pm) or

  • Session B (3-5 pm)

When registering, indicate test date and whether you prefer Session A (1-3 pm) or B (3-5 pm). Summer sessions may vary in times.

Reminder: there are NO makeup classes unless an entire class is cancelled due to weather. If your child misses a class, he/she will be provided with the class notes. Makeup classes can be scheduled privately with an additional fee.

ACT Test Dates
June 2024
ACT Test Prep Sessions
There are no group sessions planned for June. If students or parents want to put a group together with a minimum of four students, we will work to find dates and times that work for all schedules. 

Private lessons will be offered during May for the June test. 


*If you order and pay for a Test Information Release (TIR) during the registration process and test at a national test center on a national test datethat offers this service, (Dec, April and June tests). You will receive a copy of the multiple-choice test questions used to determine your score, a list of your answers, and the answer key. (If you took the writing test, you will also receive a copy of the writing prompt, the scoring rubric, and the scores assigned to your essay by two readers.) Information about ordering a photocopy of your answer document (including your essay if you took the writing test) for an additional fee will be included with your materials. Materials are normally mailed about four weeks after you receive your score report. You cannot expect to receive them before the registration deadline or in time to study for the next test date.  All orders received after score reports are first issued will be mailed three to five weeks after receipt at ACT. More information can be found on the ACT site here. 

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