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  • Is there a guarantee my student's score will increase by taking the ACT Test Prep sessions?
    We are confident that our test-taking strategies and subject area reviews will be beneficial to our students. We cannot, obviously, guarantee the achievement of a predetermined score on the ACT.
  • What is the group ACT Test Prep class size?
    Class size is very important. The class will run if it has a minimum of four students, and a maximum of six. The small class size allows us to assess the level of understanding and needs of each student. We will make every effort to ensure that courses that are on the calendar are offered. If we have less than four students enrolled, however, we will have to either reschedule, perhaps combine sections (no more than six students total) or cancel.
  • What is the cost of ACT Test Prep?
    The tuition for the five sessions is $575.00. It can be paid online, at the first class or in increments according to your needs. Please call us if you would like to schedule payment plan. * A $25.00 discount will be given for younger siblings of a student who had previously taken the entire test prep class.
  • When should my child take the ACT Test Prep class?
    Each class is designed to end one to two weeks before a scheduled test. Schedules are determined according to the school calendar and will not interfere with holidays. Inevitably, there will be a class the day after homecoming or prom...sorry, being tired is not an excuse to cancel a class. Most students take college entrance exams in the winter or spring of their junior year. However, depending on their course schedule, sports schedules, jobs ect., they need to asses the best time for them. ​ Taking this class well in advance is not a detriment, but students can also learn strategies that will help them with their high school classes and tests. The advance time will give them opportunity to practice, which is very important for success on these tests. ​
  • What time are the ACT Test Prep sessions offered?
    Typically classes are offered with two different options to choose from. You choose one of the below; Session A -- 1 - 3 pm Session B -- 3 - 5 pm
  • Are materials provided for the ACT Test Prep Course?
    All students are required to purchase "The Official 2021/2022 ACT Prep Guide" published by Wiley. Parents often ask what their students can do to practice; this book is the best we have found. It will be used during class and parts of it will be assigned for homework. This can be obtained at Barnes and Noble, Amazon or we have several copies available for $25. Please let us know if you want one to ensure we have enough copies on hand.
  • Are there make up classes? What if I miss a class?
    There are NO makeup classes unless an entire class is cancelled due to weather. If your child misses a class, he/she will be provided with the class notes. Makeup classes can be scheduled privately for an additional fee. If a later group will be getting the same instruction as was missed, the student may attend that group as make-up.
  • Where do the classes meet?
    Classes have resumed at Joanne's home with all proper protocals in place for Covid-19 safetly. Located near I-35 and 185th St. 17699 Lake Oak Circle, Lakeville.
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