What is a child sponsorship?

Child sponsorship is an opportunity to personally connect with a child, family, and community in need. You can connect with your child by writing letters and emails or sending cards and gifts. Knowing that someone far away cares about them and their future will be a great encouragement for a sponsored child. It is a small financial support that will impact a child's life forever.

Where does my contribution go?

Your contribution does not go directly to the child, but to the Hardy Global Missions Foundation, which manages the funds. The funds goes directly to the child in the form of food, new clothes, new shoes, educational material, educational programs and medical treatments. The child receives the benefits.

What benefits does the child receive?

The benefits are food, hygiene kits, toys, clothes, shoes (all new), educational programs, and medical and dental treatments.

How long does the sponsorship last?

The time is undetermined, until your desire to contribute or while the child turns 17. If there is any impossibility to continue to be our partner, you can stop your contribution at any time. We only need to inform us in advance in writting (handpicked@hardyglobalmissions.org) so that we can look for another godfather / godmother for the child.

Can I contribute to specific purposes?

Yes. In that case you must contact us via email (handpicked@hardyglobalmissions.org) before making a contribution. Periodically, you will receive photos and video and information about your purpose being fulfilled.

Can I sponsor more than one child?

Yes. You can sponsor as many children as you like.

Will I be the child's only godfather / godmother?

Yes. We assign only one sponsor to each child.

Can I give a gift to all the children of Hardy Global Missions?

Yes. You can gift the children whenever you want. The gift can be delivered in person, at the Hardy Global Missions Foundation (information by email) handpicked@hardyglobalmissions.org

Can I visit the Hardy Global Missions Foundation to see the children?

Yes. Conact us via email for more information handpicked@hardyglobalmissions.org